Calontir College of Heralds

Unto the populace of the Heartland does Konstantia Gold Falcon send her humble greetings!

My hope in serving within this office is to share my own passion for heraldry with the rest of you. I want to foster wider heraldic interest. I also desire to see the best customer service out of Calontir’s heralds. While customer service is largely a modern phrase, the concept itself is not - if any of our heralds do well in your eyes, please tell them. If any fall short, please tell me. I can be reached at

I would love to see your banners, your heraldic garb, pomp and circumstance in your ceremonies. Please feel free to ask a herald for assistance with ceremonies, your heraldic devices, your names, and yes, even consider hiring a herald for a day at a war!

In service to Crown, Kingdom, and Society,

Konstantia, Gold Falcon

Honorable Lady Konstantia Kaloethina

Calontir Gold Falcon Herald

Officers & Warrant List

Directory of Calontir Heralds

Kingdom Heraldic Officers
Warrant List

New Heralds

Welcome new heralds!

When becoming a herald, it no doubt can seem daunting, but relax - we’re here to help! In order for you to hold the office of group herald in the Kingdom of Calontir, you must be a paid member of the SCA. You will need to send an Agreement to Serve to Please be sure to read through the herald’s handbook, but if you have questions, please feel free to ask.

There are plenty of forms (see below) to make our jobs easier and there are Yahoo! and Facebook groups for asking questions and receiving all sorts of information. The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone in this job. Both myself and your regional deputies can help you in many capacities. Never be afraid to ask a question!

Konstantia, Gold Falcon

Handbooks & Forms

Herald’s Handbook

Agreement to Serve

Quarterly Report Forms
& Domesday

Reporting Due Dates

1st Quarter: April 15th
2nd Quarter: July 15th
3rd Quarter: October 15th
4th Quarter: January 15th
Domesday: January 31st

Reporting Distribution (Quarterly/Domesday Reports)

Court Reports

Heraldic Submissions & Information

Saker Herald

Lady Alexandra Vasquez de Granada (Shandra)

Saker Herald is in charge of the heraldic submissions process for Calontir. The Saker office publishes letters of intent; collects and disperses funds associated with heraldic registration; maintains kingdom archives of submitted and registered names, devices, and badges.

Calontir Awards & Precedence

Goodhand Herald

Lady Nesscia inghean Chearnaigh

Goodhand Herald is in charge of coordinating the Kingdom’s Silent Heraldry efforts. The Goodhand office provides tips and advice for those interested in volunteering for silent heraldry in Calontir.

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