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ILoI stands for Internal Letter of Intent.
This is a letter with heraldic submissions on them given to Kingdom Commenters for review.
On a regular basis the Kingdom Office compiles the submissions received since the last ILoI and presents it the staff of commenters for the Kingdom. 

 The commenters are volunteers, knowledgeable in heraldry, who help review the submissions. They have about a month to review the submissions. They try to determine if there are any conflicts or other problems with the name & armory elements, locate additional documentation that might be needed and then send a report back with their findings to the Kingdom Office. At the end of the review period, the Kingdom Office uses the data received from the commenters (along with the information the Kingdom Office Staff has found) to rule on the submissions. If problems are noted with a submission, it will be returned. If no problems are noted, it will be processed and sent to the Laurel-Sovereign-of-Arms Office (Society-Level Herald).

Latest Internal Letter of Intent - February 22, 2015

Results of Internal Commentary for LoI - February 2015


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