Calontir Awards

One of the greatest attributes of the SCA is its cultural willingness to recognize ability on the tournament field, in the arts & sciences, and through dedicated service by way of each kingdom's system of Awards.

These awards are given by The Crown and are based on recommendations submitted by the populace. Usually, the Crown will consult with others as to the accuracy and appropriateness of the recommendation. Some of the Kingdom awards confer membership in an Order, and some of these Orders are polled by the Crown to see what the consensus is regarding the recommendation. But, anyone can send in an award recommendation for anyone else, and the King and Queen will consider it.

The Calontir Award structure is set up in three "tiers" or rankings. From low to high, these are Awards, Grants, and Patents of Arms. Each award has a series of equivilant orders. In addition to these regular awards, there are a number of special awards that sit outside of this three-tiered structure. Many of the badges for Calontir awards incorporate elements of the kingdom's arms: the colors purple and gold, and the cross of Calatrava. Citizens of Calontir may wear badges of the various awards they have received, sewn upon their cloaks or garb, or hung from ribbons.

Looking instead for the information about and images of the kingdom's heraldry and populace badge? Find that on the Calontir Kingdom Heraldry page.

Awards of Arms (AoA)

The most common award given is the bare Award of Arms. It is generally the first award that people receive in the SCA, and can be given for recognition of service, promise in the Arts, Sciences, Fighting, or Archery. The AoA is widely considered to indicate that the individual is involved and active enough in the SCA to be a real asset to the Society, rather than just someone who occasionally shows up at meetings or fighting practice. Receiving an AoA means that the individual is now a Lord or Lady, and should be addressed as such.

A note on the Fyrd of Calontir: The Fyrd is composed of four separate but equal branches: fighters (Iren-Fyrd), archers (Boga-Fyrd), equestrians (Eo-Fyrd), and cut and thrust combatants (Stile-Fyrd). An individual may be a member of all branches. Members of the Fyrd are known as Fyrdmen.

Grants of Arms (GoA)

The Grant of Arms level of awards is the second tier of recognition for skill and/or accomplishment. Like with the AoA awards, the final decision on all GoA awards is the Crown's, usually based on recommendations received from the different GoA Orders. Any GoA award indicates a high level of achievement in a particular area, and is usually only given to those individuals who have been active in that endeavor for years. Any individual who receives a GoA should properly be referred to as His Lordship/Her Ladyship [First Name], and addressed Your Lordship/Ladyship (though this is a fairly uncommon practice in Calontir).

A "bare" GoA is rarely given, and is one of the more unusual awards in Calontir. Generally, those individuals who receive this award have been of non-specific service to the Kingdom, and who are really not qualified for any of the GoA Orders listed below. An early tradition in Calontir (inherited from our mother kingdom) was to give a bare GoA to any Kingdom officer after six months in office if that individual did not already have a GoA through one of the GoA Orders. That tradition has mostly lapsed, with no real harm for the Kingdom.

The Huscarls, or the Hirth of Calontir: The Hirth is composed of four separate but equal branches: fighters (Iren-Hirth), archers (Boga-Hirth), equestrians (Eo-Hirth), and cut and thrust combatants (Stíle-Hirth). An individual may be granted membership in all branches.

Peerages (Patents of Arms)

The Patent of Arms level of awards is the third tier of recognition for skill and/or accomplishment. Like with the AoA and GoA awards, the final decision on all Peerage awards is the Crown's. Unlike the AoA and GoA, the Crown is required to consult with the Peerage Order before elevating an individual into membership in the Order. Recommendations for such elevation are usually generated within the Order, but anyone may recommend someone they believe to be deserving of a peerage. Any PoA award indicates an extremely high level of achievement in a particular area, generally characterized as mastery (though this does not imply that further improvement in knowledge or skill is impossible).

Other Calontir Awards

The following awards very and may not themselves convey the right to bear arms or a place in the Order of Precedence:

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