Official Handbooks and Forms

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Handbooks for Calontir Heralds

Official Calontir Herald's Handbook

The Official Calontir Herald's Handbook is published to be an easy-to-use reference for both new and experienced heralds alike&emdash;as well as any others who are interested in the various aspects of heraldry as they take place within Calontir (as a reflection of the SCA as a whole). We hope it to be a valuable resource in your heraldic library.

The Honourable Lady Konstantia Kaloethina, Greek Fire Herald, editor. 2015. 4th edition. Herald's Handbook (PDF)

Forms Section from the Herald's Handbook

An extraction from the Herald's Handbook of all herald and heraldry-specific forms in use in Calontir. Combined together for reference.

The Honourable Lady Konstantia Kaloethina, Greek Fire Herald, editor. 2015. 4th edition. Forms Section (PDF)

Saker Herald's Handbook

The Calontir Saker Herald’s Handbook was explicitly created with the inexperienced Submission's Herald in mind, who may have had to step up unexpectedly to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the Saker Office. As the SCA’s knowledge of heraldry and the submission's process continues to develop, there come changes to the standards and policies of which heralds need to be aware. So whether you are new to heraldry, or are a more experienced herald, please take the time to read through the handbook to acquaint yourself with the material contained herein.

Herr Gotfrid von Schwaben, Saker Herald, editor. 2011. 1st edition. Saker Handbook PDF

Saker Herald's Office Manual

A quick-reference summary of the Saker Herald submissions process with a few frequently asked questions.

Ines Alfón, former White Tiger Herald, editor. Saker Office Manual (PDF)

Submission and Registration Forms

Submission Forms
for Individuals

Name Submission Form (PDF)

Version: Calontir 2.21, dated April 2017

Device Submission Form (PDF)

Version: Calontir 2.21, dated April 2017

Badge Submission Form (PDF)

Version: Calontir 2.21, dated April 2017

Both submission form versions 2.20 and 2.21 are are acceptable for submission. Version 2.21 removes the outdated request for a birthdate, and the filled-in form is saveable in Adobe Reader.

Submission Forms
for Official Branches

Used for official local branches (e.g. shires, baronies, etc.)

Forms for Households
and Other Groups

Submissions for names and heraldic devices or badges for any group other than official local branches must be submitted under the name of a single individual using the about individual submission forms.


Funds Transfer Report (PDF)

For Heralds Only: Please use this form whenever you are requesting that your local Exchequer write a check for your submissions packets.

Herald-Only Administrative Forms

to Serve

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