List of Calontir Heralds

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The wide varieties of activities the College of Heralds supports requires a diverse array of roles, both at the kingdom, regional, and local levels. This relatively high headcount allows the college to meet the ongoing needs of heraldic submissions and event heraldry in a sustainable way by allowing its warranted volunteers to focus on those heraldic efforts that interest them without overwhelming their available volunteer time.

This list is accurate as of December 2016. Heraldic staffing changes and updates to this list must be reported through the Gold Falcon Principal Herald:

Calontir Kingdom Staff Heralds


The role of Gold Falcon, principal herald, and deputies is to provide overall leadership and administration of the Calontir College of Heralds.

Meisterin Brigida von München, OP

Blazon: Azure, a monk's hood and on a chief argent three crosses of St. Brigid azure Gold Falcon (Principal Herald)

Blazon: Purple Quill Herald (Assistant to Gold Falcon & College Administration)

Honorable Lord Da'ud ibn Ibrahim al-Sisari (Dawi)

Blazon: Per saltire azure and vert, a senmurv contourny Or Purple Falcon (Emergency Deputy to Gold Falcon)

Name & Device Submissions

If you have questions surrounding the submission of Society names, devices/arms, or heraldic badges, please contact the Saker Herald. Heralds with commentary questions from within or outside Calontir should contact Red Hawk.

Herr Gotfrid von Schwaben

Blazon: Or, a horse rampant vert Saker Herald (External Submissions, i.e. from Kingdom to the Society)

Mistress Dorcas Whitecap

Blazon: Vert, a dolphin haurient contourny and on a chief wavy argent, three crescents vert Eyas Herald (Internal Submissions, i.e. from Submitters through the Kingdom)

Master Modar Neznanich

Blazon: Per pale purpure and argent, in fess two mullets of eight interlocking mascles counterchanged. Red Hawk Herald (Commenting)

Armorial & OP

The Kingdom Armorial and Order of Precedence are repositories of the populace's registered arms as well as their awards & honors, respectively. Questions and update requests should be directed to these offices.

Honorable Lord Eynon Llangenydd

Blazon: Per chevron argent and vert, two anvils sable and a dragon passant argent Blue Hawk Herald (Clerk of the Order of Precedence)

Master Gunnar Thorisson

Blazon: Quarterly vert and argent, four caltrops conjoined in cross points to center counterchanged within a bordure sable Vert Hawk Herald (Armorial)

Voice & Field Heraldry

Questions about field heraldry, camp crying, and court heraldry should be directed to the offices of White Hawk or Battleur.

Lord Johann Steinarsson

Blazon: Sable, on a bend vert fimbriated, three pairs of tongs bendwise sinister each surmounted by a hammer bendwise argent. Battleur Herald (Field Heraldry Coordinator)

Lord Da'ud Ibn Ibrahim al-Sisari, called Dawi
and Lord Hugo van Harlo

Blazon: Per saltire azure and vert, a senmurv contourny Or.
and Blazon: Sable, in pale two eagle's feet couped inverted Or.
White Hawk Herald (Herald to the Falcon Crown)

Sign Language

The office of the Good Hand Herald provides assistance at Court and in other settings for the hearing-challenged members of our populace.

Mistress Nesscia inghean Chearnaigh

Blazon: Argent, a fess enarched azure between two triquetras purpure and an otter statant sable Goodhand Herald


The office of the Lanner Herald was established to document and provide consultation on ceremonial forms: both traditional SCA & Calontiri conventions and more historical varieties.

Baroness Konstantia Kaloethina

Blazon: Azure, a standing seraph argent, a bordure gyronny argent and sable Lanner Herald

Support Staff

The support staff provide educational, historical, and digital resources for the College, Crown, local heralds, and heraldically-interested members of the populace.

Mistress Sofya la Rus

Blazon: Gules, an owl rising wings displayed argent Habicht Herald (Heraldic Education)

Mistress Rhianydd yn Arbeth

Blazon: Per chevron vert and purpure, three demi-horses contourny conjoined in pall inverted Or Kingdom Historian

Calontir Regional Reporting Heralds


Amlesmore, Aston Tor, Bellewode, Cum an Iolair, Forgotten Sea, Loch Bheathrach

Lady Ysabel de la Oya

Blazon: Per pale Or and purpure, a cross of Santiago counterchanged and on a chief gules three roses Or Harrier Herald


Axed Root, Coeur d'Ennui, Deodar, Flinthyll, Heraldshill, Shadowdale

Lord Giovanni Loredan

Blazon: Per chevron azure and Or, two standing balances Or and a tree proper Kite Herald


Calanis Nuadh, Oakheart, Standing Stones, Three Rivers, Wyvern Cliffe

Honourable Lord Edward de Kent

Blazon: None registered Buteo Herald


Bois d'Arc, Crystal Mynes, Grimfells, Spinning Winds, Theobald College, Vatavia, Westumbria

Her Excellency Marie Chantal Delaire

Blazon: Azure, a pall inverted within a bordure engrailed argent Gerfalcon Herald


Carlsby, Crescent Moon, Lonely Tower, Lost Moor, Mag Mor

Honorable Lord Nikolai Spiach'ev

Blazon: Gules, a demi-stoat issuant from base Or Sparrow Hawk Herald