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  • Northeast Region (E-mail Kite Herald)
    • Axed Root
    • Coeur d'Ennui
    • Deodar
    • Flinthyll
    • Heraldshill
    • No Mountain
    • Shadowdale
  • Northwest Region (E-mail Sparrow Hawk Herald)
    • Carlsby
    • Crescent Moon
    • Dun Ard
    • Lonely Tower
    • Lost Moor
    • Mag Mor
  • Central Region (E-mail Harrier Herald)
    • Amlesmore
    • Aston Tor
    • Bellewode
    • Cum an Iolair
    • Forgotten Sea
    • Loch Smythe
  • Southeast Region (E-mail Buteo Herald)
    • Calais Nuadh
    • Midgaards Crossing
    • Oakheart
    • Standing Stones
    • Three Rivers
    • Wyvern Cliffe
  • Southwest Region (E-mail Gerfalcon Herald)
    • Bois d'Arc
    • Crystal Mynes
    • Grimfells
    • Spinning Winds
    • Vatavia
    • Westumbria
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