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Welcome to the office of the Saker Herald of Calontir.

The Saker Herald is in charge of submissions process; publishes letters of intent; collects and disburses funds associated with heraldic registration; maintains kingdom archives of submitted and registered names, devices, and badges.

The Saker Herald is part of the Calontir College of Heralds. The Saker Herald is a deputy of the Calontir Principal Herald, the Gold Falcon Herald. The Saker Herald is also a member of the SCA College of Arms and is entitled to submit comments at the Laurel level on heraldry available for comment by the College of Arms.

The fee to the submitter is $9.00 per element. An element is defined as any Name Submission, Device Submission, or Badge Submission. The local group-herald's office retains $2.00 per element of the submission fee to cover the cost of photocopies, postage, etc. The remainder ($7.00) will be forwarded with the submission to the Kingdom Submission Herald's office (Saker Herald). When submitting directly to Saker Herald, the Kingdom Office retains the $2.00 normally taken by the local office to cover processing costs.
Please make checks payable to: SCA Inc., Kingdom of Calontir - Heralds


Willechomen Calontir!

I wish to thank Herr Gotfridus von Schwaben for his excellent work as Saker.

I formally took over the office of Saker effective February 1, 2012.
If you sent paperwork to Gotfrid after that date, I’m sure he will make sure it travels via messenger to my home.

Please be sure to follow the submission policy listed in our Administrative Handbook concerning the correct number of colored copies using the correct coloring methods and including all necessary copies of the documentation.
If you send your own submissions directly to the Saker office, it is your responsibility to follow those same policies.

Group heralds, be sure to include the Funds Transfer Form found on the Kingdom Exchequer’s web site with the check from the exchequer. If the transfer form isn’t included, your group’s submissions will be pended with the Saker office while I contact you to remind you to send this important form.

I will continue to enforce the policy statement used by my predecessors:

*Effective February 1, 2012*
Any submissions that are not found to be properly prepared will be returned to the submitter immediately to the submitter for correction. This includes, but is not limited to the following instances:

1. Improperly colored emblazons on armory submission forms.
The proper medium is a colored marker (Crayola Classic or equivalent) using the following tincture representations:
a. Argent = white. This means don’t color it in with anything!
b. Azure = blue. This is a true blue—not teal, baby blue, etc.
c. Gules = red. Bad gules: pink, rust, orange, etc.
d. Or = yellow. Even though we call it “gold” no form of gold (or brown) is acceptable!
e. Purpure = purple. Don’t mix blue and red, nor should you use lavender.
f. Sable = black. Grey or a blending of all colors is right out!!!!
g. Vert = Green. This is a green’s green, and not a blend of yellow and blue, nor any lighter or darker version of a green.

2. Incomplete name submission forms or missing submission forms. Simply sending documentation with a letter is NOT a complete submission. A proper submission form must be filled out with name, contact information, and either a summary of the documentation or the entire documentation itself. If it is summarized on the form, it is preferred that it is on a separate sheet with the header Documentation for [Submitted Name]. The summary MUST list the source for the documentation along with a brief synopsis of the document being cited. Any URLs must be included in the summary if the source resides online. Appendix H of the current Administrative Handbook gives the current list of sources for no copies are needed.
The list can also be found at

If you’re not sure what you need, please ask before you send a submission.

Documentation from St. Gabriel web site:
a. The only non-photocopy material from St. Gabriel are the items that has “Academy of St. Gabriel Report #XXXX” in the header. These are the final reports which can be referenced by the URL, with the report number taking the place of X’s.
b. All name articles found elsewhere on the St. Gabriel site are NOT on the no-photocopy list. Therefore, they must be printed out and sent in with your submission.

I will do my best for timely processing of materials. However, there may be unavoidable delays; please be patient! As a reminder, the process can be expedited by submitting a complete submission with all necessary forms, documentation and money included.

Group heralds, please take this opportunity to help your clients understand the submission rules to try to avoid the difficult issue of returns. If your group has no local herald, please feel free to contact the your Regional Herald for assistance, or you are welcome to contact this office for help as well. I am certain that the incoming Gold Falcon Herald will continue her strong efforts in education as well!

As always, you are welcome to contact me via email, phone, or catch me at an event!

Ich hilfe,



Our goal is to provide a central resource for information concerning the heraldic submissions from the populace of the Kingdom of Calontir.

Saker Profile

The current Saker Herald is Brigida von München.
Her previous heraldic work included local pursuivant for the Shire of Heraldshill as well as participating on Master Gawain’s Northeast Commentary Group.
She has also served time with many wonderful Heralds from the Known World at Pennsic War Heralds’ Point,
assisting clients with both names and armory along with acting cashier for those paying for their Pennsic submissions.
She also served Calontir as Kingdom Exchequer.

Background Image

The image as the background for this and other Calontir Heralds websites uses the cross of Calatrava and crossed trumpets. This is a registered Principal Herald's Seal for Calontir:

(Tinctureless) Two straight trumpets in saltire, bells to chief, overall a cross of Calatrava.

It is the official seal of the Gold Falcon Principal Herald office. The heraldic websites of the kingdom heralds use it with the express permission of the current Gold Falcon, and each tenure we ask for permission again to use it. If you want to use this image, please get in touch with Gold Falcon for permission.

Saker Herald Contact Information

Last modified: 04/01/15

Lady Alexandra (Shandra) Vazquez de Granada
Jessica Ackerman
2705 Columbia St.
Des Moines, IA 50313

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When sending a check for submissions written by your group, remember to send a Calontir Transfer Form along in your submissions packet.

When sending items that are NOT listed in Appendix H of the Administrative handbook, Photocopies are required.

St. Gabriel Reports from the archives do NOT require photocopies!  All other articles on the St. Gabriel website still need to be copied and included with submissions.