Registering Names and Heraldic Devices & Badges

Forms for Individuals

Forms for Groups

Registration Costs

  • The fee to the submitter is $9.00 per element. An element is defined as any Name Submission, Device Submission, or Badge Submission.

  • The local group-herald's office retains $2.00 per element of the submission fee to cover the cost of photocopies, postage, etc. The remainder ($7.00) will be forwarded with the submission to the Kingdom Submission Herald's office (Saker Herald).

  • When submitting directly to Saker Herald, the Kingdom Office retains the $2.00 normally taken by the local office to cover processing costs. Please make checks payable to: SCA Inc., Kingdom of Calontir - Heralds

Submissions Administration (For Heralds)

Lady Alexandra Vasquez de Granada
(Called Shandra)
Saker Herald
(Jessica Ackerman)
2705 Columbia St.
Des Moines, IA 50313
Note: Please leave a voicemail.