photo of Takauji jibukyo, Gold Falcon principal herald

From the Principal Herald of Calontir

Takauji jibukyo, Gold Falcon Herald

Unto the Heralds of the Noble Kingdom of Calontir,

It is my honor to step in to the office of Gold Falcon that has been so ably and diligently served by so many talented people in our Kingdom's history. My goal is largely the same as Konstantia's was: To keep the light of heraldry going in the heart of the Kingdom, and to make sure our College continues the tradition of collegiality and client advocacy that has defined it.

The goal of heralds at every level should be to educate and inspire, and if anyone is doing particularly well or is falling short please contact me at

I want to see all of your heraldic enterprises. Banners, displays, ceremonies; share them with me, share them with your fellow Heralds, and share them with the Kingdom. I've challenged everyone to do something heraldic at one event per month--let's make sure everyone sees the beauty and pageantry of our Kingdom.

In Service to the Crown, the Kingdom, and the Dream,
Takauji jibukyo
Gold Falcon Herald

Registering Names and Heraldic Devices

The Office of the Saker Herald, Herr Gotfrid von Schwaben

Saker Herald oversees the heraldic submissions process for Calontir and is the External Submissions liaison with Laurel Sovereign of Arms and the Society’s College of Arms. The Saker office publishes External Letters of Intent, sees to it that Calontir submissions are paid for at the Society level, tracks submissions via OSCAR, and sends notifications regarding submission decisions.

The Office of the Eyas Herald, Mistress Dorcas Whitecap

Eyas Herald is the Internal Submissions liaison with the good gentles of Calontir and with group heralds. The Eyas office receives and processes heraldic submissions and fees, publishes Internal Letters of Intent, is responsible for Kingdom level submission decisions, and maintains kingdom archives of submitted and registered names, devices, and badges.

Precedence, Awards, & Armorial

Awards and the display of heraldic devices, arms, and achievements make up what may be the most recognizable face of the College of Heralds. View the deserved awards and arms of the kingdom's populace here.

Goodhand Silent Heraldry

The Office of Mistress Nesscia inghean Chearnaigh, OP

Goodhand Herald is in charge of coordinating the Kingdom’s Silent Heraldry efforts. The Goodhand office provides tips and advice for those interested in volunteering for silent heraldry in Calontir.

Administrative and Herald-Only Content

While most of the populace is familiar with the work of the College of Heralds through consultations on names & armory and vocally in court & at camp, there is a lot of administrative work that goes into making these activities happen seemlessly. Heralds, if you need the nitty-gritty, you'll find it right here.

Herald’s Handbook and Helpful Links

Heraldic Social Media

College Administration and Reporting

  • Reporting Due Dates:

  • 1st Quarter: April 15th

  • 2nd Quarter: July 15th

  • 3rd Quarter: October 15th

  • 4th Quarter: January 15th

  • Domesday: January 31st

Court Reports

The badge in the masthead is based on the official seal of the Gold Falcon Principal Herald office. The websites of the Calontir College of Heralds use it with the express permission of the current Gold Falcon, and each tenure we ask for permission again to use it.